Our Training Programs

The Target audience for our training programs are: WASH Entrepreneurs and Consultants; Government Departments (Water, Health, Irrigation); WASH trainers, Health and Sanitation Officers; NGOs focusing on water supply, sanitation and hygiene needs of Malawi; and University/College Water/Engineers/Science graduates etc.

Low-cost sanitation  (Corbelled latrine)

corbelledThe focus of our training is low-cost sanitation in support of ending open defecation in Malawi.  The training introduces participants to a variety of solutions suited to rural and peri-urban areas.  Practical exercises include hands on work to build a corbelled latrine.  The training also covers how low-cost sanitation technologies, combined with sanitation marketing, can work alongside CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation) programs. Additionally, we make site visits to nearby model areas successfully using low-cost sanitation solutions.

Constructing safe and sustainable groundwater wells

IMG_20151022_140621Water well construction is not for amateurs. The focus of this training is requirements for basic protection of the groundwater resource and for the health and safety of those that develop and use the resource. These guidelines are intended to address basic water supply well construction, pumping equipment, and maintenance issues. Water supply wells include wells designed for domestic, municipal, community, industrial, commercial, irrigation and/or livestock water supply use in addition to aquifer storage (injection) and recovery wells.

Urban or Rural Community Led Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing


Worldwide, improved sanitation facilities are still lacking for 2.5 billion people.  In Malawi, progress for meeting the Millennium Development Goal target for sanitation is not on track, with 71% of the population, mostly rural, who still remain without access to improved sanitation sources (UNICEF, 2015).  The National Sanitation Policy (2008) is the leading Malawi Government policy towards improved sanitation, with a vision of “Sanitation for all in Malawi.” This training in urban or rural Community Led Total Sanitation and Sanitation Marketing

Low-cost irrigation

IMG_20150731_075641The training covers irrigation potential in Malawi and an overview of water and hygiene, though a significant portion of time will be spent in practical exercises building two low-cost irrigation systems.  Irrigation technologies to be covered include: Irrigation feasibility studies, choice of irrigation method, rain water harvesting as a component of irrigation, and more. The training us also be an opportunity for discussion about ecosystem management techniques and site visits to nearby model areas actively using low-cost irrigation water solutions.

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