Our Team

Our team is diverse, we have a full-time mason on staff, as well as technical officers.  Moreover, the Centre has the added advantage of drawing on the existing resources and expertise of the University’s administration and departments, notably Faculties of Environmental Science, Education, Health Sciences, Mathematics department, Communication and Information Science, Tourism and Hospitality Management.

The Centre’s collaborative structure allows key WASH issues to be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective by bringing practitioners and academics into a single unit.  Such an approach is relatively new in the hygiene and sanitation sector in Malawi and has the objective of bringing in expertise and capacity from professionals not traditionally associated with the subsector (e.g. Mathematics and Tourism) to contribute to the sector (e.g. in statistical analysis and small business enterprise for the examples mentioned).  In addition, the Centre’s ability to use the University’s facilities (e.g. accommodation, conference rooms, laboratories, library resources, etc.) and other services on a cost-sharing basis supports its cost effectiveness as a program implementer.    Professionals who are fluent in English and local vernacular (Chitumbuka, Chichew and Tonga) staff the Centre with extensive expertise and experience in WASH issues as well as project planning, implementation monitoring, and evaluation.

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